[paid] Looking for a partner who can make isometric map editor


I’m hiring a developer to build an Online Isometric 2.5D editor for the network topology templates, I already have 20+ network topology templates and I want to make it possible for clients to edit all of these templates inside the browser.

After doing some technical research, I know the technologies that need to be mastered to complete this project

Our company is trying to copy the functionality, I with the app is built on open-source code, like ReactJS components, its also built around the main HTML5 Canvas technology, they use a heavily customized version of FabricJS as well as webGL filters for warping and perspective effects on mockup items and images.

We can agree on an hourly rate or an overall budget for the whole project, as well as a monthly salary for maintenance once the project is done.

If you are a developer with experience in Javascript, ReactJS, FabricJS, and WebGL, submit your application via this form

and you also can contact me with the email:flashoop@gmail.com

I have built several isometric map projects using threejs , webgl
here are my prev projects

I would like to discuss more details directly via telegram or discord
telegram : @dsodineum
discord : ! DS#0631

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