Overcoming commercial GLTF Viewer limitations

Mr. Doob, or whoever has the time for discourse on the subject of GLTF viewers. Microsoft and others limit the viewer to one object, two back grounds, and no ability to manipulate position, rotation, or scale. At all. You just throw the camera around and it looks cool for 30 seconds. I found this really, really, really lame.

I wrote a viewer that allows for the loading of at least 5 highly complex GLTF objects each of which has more than 500,000 faces. WEBGL pukes after this. Each can be selected, rotated on all three axis, moved in modifiable increments in all three dimensions, and scaled up and down in size. Furthermore, I allow for directional parallel ray sunlight, a camera light pointing down negative 1 Z toward the selected object, and a goofy ambient light as a booby prize all of which have sliders to vary intensity. I threw in a variable delta xz orbital animation so it could be a groovy screen saver or some such shit. I also allow for around 15 equirectangular environment textures and maps. I even allow camera FOV alteration from the minimum to the maximum allowed by three.js. Is this a futile endeavor on my part, a waste of time making something complex that serves no actual purpose for anybody. I do that shit all the time. Feel free to be merciless with me so I might direct my time toward something actually beneficial. The UI kind of sucks, and before I really polish it, I just need to know if any of us can make a little coin with licensing or what not. Monetization is not my strong point…


Are you asking if it’s possible to make money with a glTF viewer? I would say it’s unlikely - however, see sketchfab.com for a marketplace built around a viewer.

For a simple viewer with a nice UI, see https://gltf-viewer.donmccurdy.com/

Confused. I know Don McCurdy has a good viewer. I was describing a viewer vastly superior in features and abilities and asking if such a thing would have value monetarily, or technically… Thoughts?