OpenSourced Library/List of Meshes/Geometries

Does anyone know a good library/list of resources that has a good amount of meshes/geometries to use for Three.JS?

Primitives on Three.JS are cool to build stuff.


I want to grow my database of objects to a larger set. I want to curate a list of libraries/code snippets that produce X geometry.

I’ve found a couple GitHub that are perfect examples of what I’m looking for:

Rounded Box: GitHub - pailhead/three-rounded-box: a geometry class with filleted edges for THREE.js

Ribbon: GitHub - yomotsu/ribbon-geometry

Does anyone know any other cool libraries/projects that procedurally generate geometries/meshes?

I think it’ll be cool to create an awesome list of these resources as well.

Thanks in advance.

Here’s a great resource put together by @hofk

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This is truly amazing. Lots of good resources. Thank you!

If anyone knows more, drop em here :slight_smile:

See Collection of examples from

especially also

Collection of sphere definitions
Grid Collection

hofk (Klaus Hoffmeister) · GitHub