How to Build a car with Geometries

Hello, i am beginner in three js and i want to build a car by using geometries and Not import any 3D models and then move the car with a click
so my question is how i should build all the parts of car and then combine it ? using merge function from Geometry or group/ add function from Object3D , what is the difference ? what is the easiest way?

Have a look there

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As a beginner take a look at the collection


and the roadrace


@Mori What do you mean exactly? Because I think in your question are two topics: 1. the 3d-model and 2. the three.js logic for animation?! I play with beautyful three.js since arround five years and I still feel like a beginner :unicorn: :slight_smile:

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this is exactly what i need , thank you for very useful links and examples :slight_smile:

i got my answer buddy, thanks