Online GLTF converter

I made a quick online converter that you can use to convert various formats to GLTF or GLB in the browser.

Currently it supports FBX, OBJ and MTL, Collada ( DAE ), GLTF and GLB and textures in JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, SVG or DDS format.

You should also be able to upload multiple models in any of those formats and output a single GLTF.



I’ve added a few more formats to this, the complete list is now:

GLTF and GLB v1 and v2
Collada ( DAE )
Three.js JSON format.
PCD (ASCII and Binary)
PLY (ASCII and Binary)
STL (ASCII and Binary)

I’ve focused on 3D printing, three.js, 3ds max, Maya and blender but if anyone has ideas for other formats let me know here.


When I load the existing animation model, there are some problems, and the FBX format loaded cannot be converted to GLTF. The loaded dae format can be displayed, but cannot be converted.

Do you get any errors or warnings? And can you share the file?

For now the most likely cause of failure is lack of support for multi materials. You should get a message about that though.

Hi hope you doing well
I need little help
I have following file that have json format in it and i want to convert into gltf but converter give error like
invalid json file. can you check the file and let me know that is wrong with that file
design (2).blueprint3d (2.0 KB) design.json (8.2 KB)

Hey @AWAIS97, what program was the model exported from? Looks like a program called blueprint3d maybe?

The JSON file is not in a format my converter or three.js can read. You will have to check what other formats you can export to from the program.

yes that is blueprint3d

it is seralized data format