Workflow from render to three

Hi there,

I am usually working as 3D artist and sometimes I need WebGL Models for upcoming projects. Too less experience here. Who can work with me on a workflow so that I can export my models for you so that I ideally get it back as close as possible to the existing render.

in Detail:
Usually I am working in 3DMax with vray oder other renderers but can use standard materials of course!

Experience in detail:

  1. Already exported models as obj. Import to three.js. Adjusting things in code. Works so far but many things have to be done in three I am not familar enough with.
    No lights and materials. I ask myself if there is a more comfortable workflow from 3D Programm to three even when animation comes up!

2 . I found babylon.js. Exported a model via the plugin as a GLTF to check in sandbox. It was promising but my model looks a bit aliasing. Maybe there is a workaround!? Mappings all there but Materials and light should be improved.

I read blender has export GLTF as a standard so is there any difference of the exporters in terms of quality? Great if anyone can enlighten me whats the best workflow for me to deliver models to you as a Three guru!?

If anyone can help me here and and make a test model with some materials, please let me know.

Thanks and a nice day!


I’m not sure how the babylon 3DS exporter works but you can also export as FBX and use this tool to convert to glTF:

There shouldn’t be any difference in quality between the same model exported from 3DS Max or Blender.

Thanks looeee. I checked this but I also tried exporter directly from Max which was the most easy way to get a gltf. I am now trying to edit the materials etc. but so far its great!