How to export glTF from Maya? Any plugin for Mac users?

Hi! I’m a beginner at Three.js and I have a model with texture that I would like to export and load into Three.js. I have been looking into some Maya plugins so I could export glTF files but plugins like Babylonjs seem to only work for Windows?

Is there any other way that I could export glTF from Maya? Would really appreciate any help! Thanks.

All 3 of these were last updated in 2019, so they may no longer be maintained, but the last one Maya2glTF seems to be the most popular, based on stars.

If for some reason they’re not working as you expect, you might want to consider exporting from Maya -> Blender -> glTF with which is still actively being maintained.


Hi, thank you so much! I will try it out :))

You can also covert FBX -> glTF after exporting:

Just for precision, since Blender 2.81 it’s no longer necessary do manually add this plugin to Blender, it’s integrated and you can import/export GLTFs out of the box.

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