Cannot load .glb file using Babylon File Exporter and Potree Converter

Hi. I’m a 3D graphic designer and barely know any sort of programming knowledge.

I have a problem with uploading .glb file exported from Max using Babylon file Exporter.
I use Potree Converter (Releases · potree/PotreeConverter · GitHub) and a chrome extension(GitHub - kzahel/web-server-chrome: An HTTP Web Server for Chrome (chrome.sockets API)) to load and see my 3d models.
when I try to load the .glb file and see if it appears on the Chrome window, it fails and shows this error.

I exported the same model to .fbx file from Max, imported in Blender and exported to .glb file again, then it worked! It shows on the browser.
What are the differences between those two exporters? Blender glTF exporter vs. Babylon file exporter?
Plus, I am a Maya and 3ds Max user. I don’t know Blender…:cry:
It will take a long time for me to get used to working with Blender.
I need to do it with 3ds Max or Maya.
Can anybody help me to do so?
Thanks in advance.

Here are the versions of the tools I used to do the test.
3ds Max 2019 (glTF format v20191113.4)
Maya 2019 (glTF format v20200219.2)
Blender 2.82 (Khronos glTF Blender I/O v1.1.45)
PiXYZ Studio v2019.2 r57
Potree Converter 1.6
three.js r85

Please use the latest version of three.js which is R113 at the moment. R85 is three years old.

Besides, GLTF2Loader does not exist anymore. Read this documentation page for more details: