GLTF Loader problem

Hello, I have followed many tutorials for a gltf loder, but every time I get this error right here. I’ve literally tried everything and It’s never working. If you can help me, I would be grateful. Everything is imported and the problem isnt in the object as well…

Looks like something might be wrong with .gltf file, try to drop it here, see if it appears normally:

Well, Its actually not working there. But when I double click on it, It opens in the 3d windows app. Can you send me a downloaded file to try in my three js program>

That means your file is not a valid GLTF. You need to create a valid file, most often you make your 3D in a program like Blender and then export as .gltf or .glb and then import it to THREE.

I tried to download the same files as these in the youtube videos…
And many more from sketchfab. I have absolutely no clue. I can see my file uploaded here, only when I upload the whole folder with textures etc, but still I cant upload it in the browser in my site. Error:
GLTFLoader.js:185 SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘<’, “<html lang”… is not valid JSON
at JSON.parse ()