Export animation from maya to three.js?

How can I export animation from maya to three.js?

I’d start with one of these:

Note that if you are exporting skeletal animation from Maya to FBX you must turn off “Segment Scale Compensation”. Some tools like FBX review may be able to handle this, but in general other 3D applications (three.js, 3DMax, Unity, Unreal etc) won’t play animations correctly with this setting enabled.

i found the babylon exporter very handy.
it supports animation groups and all that. pbr materials, baking keys, most importantly.
they also keep the whole thing up-to-date.

with this tool i can clean up unwanted / empty nodes.


Use Three.js-based Verge3D toolkit. At the moment, it offers the strongest Maya integration by supporting animation, morphing, IBL and direct lighting as well as Maya’s Standard Surface materials.