Not working on mobiles :(

I know I have been asking a lot of questions in last 2 days, but i am also helpless. I am not able to find any soultion now as well

after hours of hassle i hosted my portfolio on vercel.
it works perfect on the pc. but for mobile devices, it is not working.

It gives me a blank white screen when i open my site on mobile phone. Also, i am not able to scroll down. The only way i am able to access the other sections is by the navbar.

i am uploading a screenshot about how my app looks on mobile phone. i also tried accessing the mobile’s browser developer tools, but it was blank as well. i am attatching the link of my hosted website incase anyone wants to try it on a mobile. please let me know what else i can do to solve the mobile problem.

PS it is completely responsive. those parts which i am able to check are working good on mobile.


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I can’t say decisively why your mobile phone has crashed – my phone did not. But the 150 MB of VRAM for this model, and 700 draw calls, could be a factor. One way to reduce that considerably would be:

npm install --global @gltf-transform/core 

gltf-transform optimize scene.gltf scene_optimized.glb --texture-size 1024 --texture-compress webp --no-compress --no-simplify

which phone were you using? and were all the canvas loading properly on your phone? If that’s the case, then i guess it’s only with my phone only. still, i will also try the solution you suggested. thanks a ton!! :slight_smile:

also, how do i exactly use this command/ what does it exactly does and how do i use it?

Tested on iPhone SE and iPhone 11 Pro. The model of the computer on a desk loads and renders correctly, I haven’t tested in detail beyond that.

The shell commands above are meant to be run in a terminal, from the same folder where your model (scene.gltf) is stored.