Not loading Gltf model when on mobile phone(taking too much time i guess)

I made a three js website with R3f and was having a 3d model and few shapes in it. I is a react app in next js when i hosted it on vercel, Laptop and Pc’s it is working very well, i mean it takes 4-5 sec to load the main model and all balls(shapes) are loaded. but on phone, it just show me white screen on the website with a sad emoji for main model and for balls first five are never loaded and rest of seven are always loaded. Also on some phones It loads in like 20-30 secs, So i think it is taking too much time to load. I have used Gltf loading with gltfjsx pipeline can Anyone help with a suggestion.

Most likely, the model requires more memory than these mobile devices can support. Memory cost can be much higher than the file size of the model. Are you able to share the model, or a demo link?