Normal Map error

Hello everyone!
So I created the normal map for the below provided bottle model in Substance Painter. But when I try to import the normal map with the mesh material code while rendering the bottle in threejs, I feel the UVs are not correct . Could somebody please tell me whats wrong with this model and/or its normal map.

When you manually load a normal map and add it to a glTF asset, you have to set Texture.flipY to false in order to adhere the glTF UV space. Read the documentation of GLTFLoader for more information:

This is a typical user error if problems with textures and glTF assets occur.

@Mugen87 nothing happened when I set texture.flipY to false.

I have to say, this is the weirdest normal map i have ever seen. It’s really hard to tell how it’s acting since you only have an image that looks like a mask. Normals are used for various shading effects, like reflection, refraction, lighting etc. I’d suggest lighting the model differently, or adding a cubemap to be able to tell whats going on.