Error while applying normalMap to an imported glb file

I am getting following error in console while applying normalMap to an imported glb file.
[.WebGL-0000023684C83210] GL_INVALID_VALUE: Vertex attribute size must be 1, 2, 3, or 4.
anybody having idea about this?

Does this error only appear when applying the normal map? Can you please share the glTF asset?

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Hi @Mugen87. The glb file having some child meshes. I solved the issue by change the grouping of those child meshes. But I am facing same issue in someother file too. It couldn’t be solved even I changed the grouping a lot. the file size is too large. I will share a link or compressed file

Problem resolved. Just flip the normals of the object :smiley:

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To be more precise: Applying an external texture to a glTF asset requires to set Texture.flipY to false. This is also explained in the documentation: