NIXIE 2022 (Selective Bloom)

Hi community!



The scene totally made with code (except the map and the writings, they are textures, obviously).


  • Indicator:

    • numbers are Fat Lines of a single geometry;
    • tube is LatheGeometry
    • other parts are built-in primitives
  • Golden protector:

    • A bunch of merged geometries. Circular parts are custom geometries (had real fun, thinking on how to build it).
  • Base:

    • RoundedBoxGeometry + MeshLambertMaterial (+ onBeforeCompile)

Newton’s cradle (pendulum):

  • Balls and strings
    • InstanedMesh of merged geometries + MeshStandardMaterial
  • Frame
    • Merged geometries + MeshStandardMaterial
  • Base
    • RoundedBoxGeometry + MeshLambertMaterial


  • Box with an array of materials (dull and simple)


  • Five merged planes (PlaneGeometry + MeshLambertMaterial (+onBeforeCompile))

PS Music is at the bottom left corner :slight_smile:


Neat! I had never heard of a nixie clock before. So each number is its own unique neon light-bulb?

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This is awesome work as usual :star_struck:

The only thing it’s really missing for me is AO. How would it look with an SSAO pass?


Thanks :slight_smile:
Each indicator is a glass tube, filled with a noble gas, and numbers are electrodes inside the tube (IIRC :sweat_smile: )

Yay, thanks :slight_smile:
TBH, I thought about AO, but for the sake of performance decided not to use it :slight_smile:
After your suggestion, now I think that that pass can be added as a switchable one, turned off by default :thinking:

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Simply beatiful!
I remembered the clock I did for my father near 50 years ago… so difficult to maintain showing correct hour.
I had never seen a 3d scene so sharp, clear and precise like this. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Superb work - thanks for sharing! :drooling_face:

I’m wondering: is this the outflow of your pure imagination, or did you have a real-life template to model after?

The reason I’m asking is, that time and again I have been thinking of buying one myself. I’m aware of a Lithuanian company (there are several others as well) which offers both kits for self-assembly, as well as ready-made clocks.

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@jrlazz Thank you :slight_smile: Thanks :beers:
It’s just a common idea to show the time by groups of two digits (hh:mm:ss) :slight_smile: So I just took it and put the rest of details in the scenef from the top of my head.

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I was sticking my nose in your Nixie.js code… awesome!!!
Thank You to show the code in codesandbox!

@jrlazz Welcome to the code :slight_smile:
I made it open with intention, so people can see how it works under the hood and use ideas and pieces, wasting less time :beers:


Here again…

Nixie, from “Numerical Indicator eXperimental No.1, in other words, NIX-1”.
The first stable and well-functioning nixie tube construction was invented by Haydu Brothers Laboratories, which was founded by two Hungarian brothers namely George Haydu and Zoltan Haydu in 1936. In 1954 everything, including trademarks, production lines needed for manufacturing (and the inventors themselves) were bought by Burroughs Corp. and that’s when mass production started.

For more: