White Gold (Reflector, custom geometry)

Hi community!


Demo: https://0ngi9.csb.app/
Source code: competent-khayyam-0ngi9 - CodeSandbox

Content of the sketch:

  1. Room. RoundedBoxGeometry
  2. Bars. InstancedMesh, created with PlaneGeometry, whose vertices are substituted with points along an S-like path put along an O-like path. Bars’ heights are controlled with an additional instanced attribute. Tried to synchronize bars’ “jumping” to the beat :sweat_smile:
  3. Big box. The base is RoundedBoxGeometry. The reflecting side is Reflector with PlaneGeometry and modified Reflector’s material (used .onBeforeCompile(), like for any other material).
  4. Music. Tommy Ljungberg - White Gold

The sketch is a free fantasy inspired with the music.

PS Pattern on the bars is from my old codepen.


That’s awesome dude.

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@D13 Thanks :slight_smile:

Nice style !

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@vasilii Thanks :slight_smile:
Just what came in my head whilst listening to the music.

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Lovely piece of music, thanks for the introduction!

PS: the graphics are nice too!

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@Usnul Yay! Thanks :beers: