Newbie: GLTF Texture problems

Hi all! I want to preface this by saying I am completely new to the world of 3d, having started coding this year with JS & React and I’m trying out new avenues with using blender and THREE.js. I designed a simple JBL speaker model using blender (cycles) and want to import it to a react-three project. The model is a jbl flip 4 and the central mesh was designed with overlapping wave textures. The ends have a glass coating and the plate at the front is metallic. The base color is also run through a color map & noise texture to get some darker rough spots on the rubber. When I load the GLTF File to my project i get a completely white speaker with no textures. Is there something i need to do in blender first or am i in over my head for a complete beginner?
It’s not the best model but it’s a start!

The model looks great! Blender has a practically unlimited number of ways to configure materials, and only a subset of those ways can be exported to other software. In particular, it’s critical to use a Principled BSDF material, and to bake any layered textures so that there’s only a single texture plugged into any given input socket on the material. More details in the documentation for the Blender glTF addon:

That glass on the end is a bit tricky. I’m guessing you want clearcoat enabled for that, but it depends on how it’s set up. Alpha Blend transparency might also work.

Thanks Don!
I had a look through that documentation yesterday, how would you go about baking? I tried to select bake in the render panel and it said there was no active image found on that material. I’m guessing it’s not as simple as just selecting the object and clicking bake. If some of the materials use normal maps and others use maps for the base color do i have to select that portion and bake it separately?

A bit beyond my Blender knowledge here, one of the Blender forums might be able to help. I’ve used this workflow in the past, but usually just for baking ambient occlusion or lighting: