Need three.js developer for website

Need to develop a website like: KUBOTA FUTURE CUBE | Kubota Global Site .
Interested developers please respond.


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Hello, @attarsinghgill
How are you?
I have visited your example website and I think I can help you in your project.
As an experienced 3D developer and game developer, I’m very specialized in Three.js and Blender. Especially, I have expertise in 3D animation and photorealistic rendering by Blender and I have expanded my skills from 3D design to 3D development - Three.js.
Through careful looking at this website, I though this needs the great skills in 3D design as well as 3D development.
I can help you in this point and I would like to contribute to this project.
I hope we will discuss in more detail for better understanding of this project.
My contact info:


Thanks in advance.

Best regards.


As a three.js developer, I am interested in your job posting.

I have good experience in three.js and 3D animation and I can help you to achieve your goal.

Here is my portfolio website.

Best regards

I have worked as a full-stack developer for over 7 years. I am knowledgeable in all aspects of full-stack development
see my “react & threejs” project


Please drop a link to your portfolio/examples. thanks

na bhai rehne do. portfolio to khud bana lete, wo bhi youtube se copy paste kia hai code lol.

Unfortunately, not.
I don’t have any portfolio for my current work.
Only have my old interior designer portfolio 10 years ago.
I will show my skills and experience in our real work.

Hi @attarsinghgill, I hope you are doing well.
We are a 3D application development company and have inhouse experienced Three.js developers. We can allocate a resource for your requirement. We have completed multiple projects in Three.js development across various industries, some of which are Fortune 50 companies. And I believe we can help you with this solution.
I can share our company brief with you if that is something you would like looking at, please let me know how can we take this further.

please share company website and past project links. thanks

Hello. @attarsinghgill
I wanted to show my previous works but it was ones I have created in my previous companies with some colleagues, not independently so I didn’t show them.
But I promise I will show skills in design and development in three.js for the best result of this project.
Thanks in advance.

Best regards.

Hey attarsinghgill,

We have looked at the reference site and from the looks of it you would need an entire team to cover the areas of ThreeJS, front end, design and 3D / animation. We are a renowned creative studio specialized in threejs experiences and can develop such a site for you from scratch.

You can also reach us at


Julius from Immersive Team

Hi, Sure,
This is our company site-

hi @attarsinghgill

here would be a few three.js/react sites done from scratch by myself:

best, zavalit

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