3D EliteTailor (Light weight) ā€” Impeccable custom-tailoring

3D ElitTailor is an internet-based tailoring platform which enables users to
design personalized shirts, suits, and other clothing items. It has a variety
of fabrics and styles to choose from. elitTailor is an excellent system for
transforming user envisioned garments into reality.
URL: React App


Thanks for sharing this project. It looks good. Do you plan to allow the user to add custom logos, emblems, etc.

Here are some observations:

  • it is a nice option to review the shirt in different light settings (it might be even better if it is possible to review it with different jackets, trousers, etc)
  • it is strange when a new part of the shirt is loaded, the old one is removed immediately ā€“ maybe a better way is to keep the old part up until the new part is ready to be rendered
  • the thumbnail of three-sleeve has 2 buttons, although the 3D shirt shows 3 buttons
  • when setting sizes, why is wrist size important for short-sleeve shirts?
  • I could not figure how to change sizes, as it is allowed to change them, but they revert to the old values (e.g. I tried to make the neck size from 14 to 15)
  • are there XL, XXL, XXXL sizes? (I could only see slim and regular)
  • the Summary page needs improvements (the caption has a typo, the model is with short sleeves, but there is arm length, wrist size and sleeve is described as long), the tall/weight numbers are different from what I entered, and they are not related to the fabrics
  • your Windows is not activated
  • if you plan to go international, you should allow the user to change units (e.g. inches vs cm)

Thank you for your feedback. Essentially, I created this project with the intention of attracting investors and then expanding it further. I had plans to scale this project on a large scale, but unfortunately, I have been waiting for many days without finding any investors. As a result, I have lost my concentration on this matter and have made the decision to switch to a different project.
Thank you once again.

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Dear sir
Iā€™d like to purchase your source.
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Create a plugin and sell it here is a good concept https://codecanyon.net/

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