ShapeNode is looking for a Three.js developer for collaborative project [Edit]

Hey you! We is looking for help with three.js what for to demo a proposal to a global Brand. I.e.: This is a collaborative project in order to get an account for paid work. I have 25 years 3D exp at major studios, desperately seeking exp dev nerd for partner/consultant/Obi-Wan.
Worst case: we exchange for
Best case: paid Global Brand development job!

Help us set up:
three.js stuff on website, 3D assets supplied.
Bonus skills: Unity and/or AR viewer experience
We is info@ &

i can
i have 5 year threejs work

This is great news!
Please show/tell me about your work/interests.
I need help with threejs on my website…
How can I help you?

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