Need help in collision detection, please can anyone help me

I’ll provide you the project file

Alrighty…I’m here to help…

how can i send you the file?

Send it via email:… your welcome to email me whenever.

Also…Im working on animation stuff right now…I have a bug…

Im using animation clip . find by name…you would have any expertise in that would ya?

ok sending right now, instructions are in the Readme leave the 1 one , also this is not a paid work, :sweat_smile: :smiling_face_with_tear:

Yea I know…
I’m not even old enough to work… linked in blocked me…lol

hmmm… I don’t see the file in my inbox…

jokes, same on this side

:joy: :joy:

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Are you sure you sent the file…I haven’t gotten it yet

zipping it

received the file?

Nope…I can’t image why it hasn’t come through yet… I have 500 megabyte internet speed

ok let me try again

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Ok…I got the “fix” email…no file though…

If you have github, upload it their or paste it here

check now, gmail not letting me send the file

Nah your good, however… can you please put the main.js file on here… there is a file upload in this forum/ chat

main.js (16.2 KB)

See… thats just a example

Also, google has blocked me from downloading the files you sent…it said that it was a virus becuase it had executable script (226.3 KB)

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will this work?

if you guys open a github account you could collaborate on the project with ease

i dont know how to make git repo :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Ah ok never mind then.