NASA JPL Visualization Data Engineer role

We’re looking for an experienced web and three.js developer to work full time on our 3D visualization applications.

What we do:

Pasadena, CA, USA

Full Details / Application:


Would we get to work with @gkjohnson ? :smile:


No salary listed in the description?

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It’s a US listing. I don’t think they ever include salaries there, or discuss pay or anything like that. It’s a taboo from what I’ve heard :laughing:

I believe this offer can be a level 2 or 3 individual contributor depending on your experience.
I would suggest you search for information about the compensation range for these levels.

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Ah! Garrett is in a different team but sometimes our groups collaborate on projects.


Is there a reason why you wouldn’t just state it here? Obviously you must know.


what if his boss reads this

There are a variety of software engineering roles and different levels so giving an explicit salary range might be difficult (it would be for me). Really at the end of the day HR are the ones that know the salary ranges for these roles and they are not open about sharing them… I agree they should be included in the job listing but in the US, at least, that seems to be less common.

If you generally want to be informed about compensation levels I’ve used before which has a few JPL salaries but the data there still seems limited. I’ll say that the values there are lower than I’ve seen but don’t go in expecting Facebook / Google / Amazon compensation.

Assuming it won’t just swamp me if people have more specific questions feel free to DM / email me - this role is for a different group than my own but I can still offer some JPL insight. And the reality of it is there are likely other opportunities for 3d visualization roles if this one doesn’t fit you. The work at JPL is really one of a kind and the reason I’ve worked there for nearly 10 years. If that’s an opportunity you’re interested in I’m happy to help.

Edit: To be clear I’m happy to answer specific questions about JPL but I can’t open myself up as a method to apply for JPL positions


Lots of ads in the US do actually list a range.

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