my games room in the 90s

Will Generation Z know how to turn on the video game?


Deep nostalgia vibes :slight_smile:


Hi @didi_softwares

Good Times! :wink:

Thank You… excellent work !!!

PS1: My favorite was Enduro !
PS2: I looked in your drawers but couldn’t find it :roll_eyes:


I’m developing slowly, I’m still going to implement drawers and other cartridges


Hi @didi_softwares ,

Is it done with Three.js?

yes all using three.js, and js game emulator


… And … The music box in itself is a Masterpiece… :wink:


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This is some fine ass work… everything is super slick. Brought me right back to my childhood. (except I couldn’t afford an atari… I had a trs-80). A+++ awesome.

I see what you were asking about shadow artifacts before…
You might be able to tighten those up with:
Make sure camera.near and camera.far are as close to each other as possible for your scene… That makes the shadowmap more precise since it has less area to cover…
Use PCFShadowMap type if you’re not already using it…
Adjusting can help remove some shadow artifacts…

and if all else fails. .try logarithmicDepthBuffer:true on your renderer constructor

How did you get the nice TV light reflection on the desk?!?!
Seriously nice work…

Tanks i found, I was applying the bias in the wrong light source

It’s getting better all the time :wink:
The delicacy of the objects is a serious matter.
I love opening and seeing what’s inside the drawers. I kept all the tools, screws, nuts, batteries, wires, multimeter, cassette recorder, glue… in short… everything possible inside them.
Good memories… Thank You very much :wink:
PS1:And a tip…

PS2: Thank You… Now Enduro is in the drawer… :wink:

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