My first project with ThreeJS

Hello, people, i’m here to share my first threejs website, is a cooming soon page made for natural products store.

I hope you enjoy, all feedbacks to improve the page i’ll be welcome.


So green. I like it.

From a formal point of view, falling leaves are usually yellow and red. Green leaves fall because of strong wind. As for feedback, I’m not sure whether I’ve seen all – I could see only the green leaves, nothing else. For the leaves, sometimes they go through each other, but this is rare, and it might require too much calculations to avoid it.

BTW, how does it come so that everyone’s first Three.js project is way better than my first Three.js project?!?


Thank you for the feedback! I thinked in a strong wind, but you have good points.
I dont know how to avoid colision yet, but how is only a coming soon page i dont mind to implement this now. Also, this is the first project who i put in production. o/

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Thank you ! it’s cool