My app is not working in mobile phones

I have deployed my demo app on netlify through sandbox, it is working fine on desktops but not rendering anything on mobile devices, does anyone knows what could be the issue?
This is the link to site :

For some reason the app is working in some desktop browsers for me, but not in Firefox… no error is printed, it just doesn’t load. Might be easier to debug in desktop Firefox though, and see if that fixes the mobile issue?

It is not rendering anything on desktop’s firefox too, it did not give any error but it is giving warning “Warning: meshopt_decoder is using experimental SIMD support”

Got this error on chrome
first on black background
then a few sceonds later lost context turns to white background

yeah, I have solved those errors but still can not reander anything in firefox or any mobile devices. And only one warning in console “Warning: meshopt_decoder is using experimental SIMD support”

This is the site