Texture.rotation and offset seems not working?

I made this sample to show it.
in my pc works fine and in my phone (LG android) in chrome browser, but when I copy it to run it in apps editor like DroidScript or anWriter free HTML editor doesn.t work (*the only method that works is repeat)

Does have anything to do with the system or graphic hardware?
I tried many ways and I couldn’t make it work.

Are you sure the web page previews of these tools have proper WebGL support?

If your sample works with Chrome and Firefox, then the problem is most likely not related to your OS or GPU.

Most of the times I use DroidScript to make my apps and pretty much all the examples work fine with little differences in performance. Not sure how that works but I have to create a Webview and load my codes to run them. Probably the Weveview settings that these apps offer.