Multiple animations from blender and parts of mesh disappear

Ok here is what is happening
If I load a model into mixamo and save out with an animation I can load it in threejs fine, but when I try multiple from blender parts of the mesh disappear. If I only load one its fine, but more than that and no go. The animations play but you can not see parts of the mesh, you can move your camera and at certain angles it pops into view. Don I followed your old example but its from years ago and I am using blender 2.93.1
and many of the things are much different in the interface. Looking around it seemed that normals may need to be flipped, but for the life of me, I cant find a mesh menu any where, any clues? When there is only one animation the mesh is fine, it is only when there are more than 1. In the tutorial you did you say to delete the armatures of the other animations, but when I do the animation goes away too.
here is an example image of what I see

Found the issue,
I needed to add this
child.frustumCulled = false;
now all working fine.
Man I love this forum, so many answers for sooo many questions