Models load slow on netlify

Hello All,

So I created a simple 3D model renderer project and deploy it on netlify. But it took a bit of time (a minute) for the models to be completed load to the browser. Once, the model is completed load though, then if I refresh the page and close the browser and rerun the deployment browser, it would take approximately 2s to load the models. I did read a lot of the previous posts related to improving model load time and tried to follow the instructions to improve the situation but it seems like any of the recent posts didn’t help.

I tried and compressed the model using gltf-pipeline, using DracoLoader, compressed the models in blender to glb extension but this didn’t help at all. I think netlify already has rollup build, so rollup and building the .js files into a single file didn’t help either in production.
netlify link
(for netlify, if you double click on the screen, you can see what loaded on the browser first.)

is this normal for this type of model in production (deployment)? if not, what should I do to improve model load time?

Problem solved, the textures on the model were too high, so reducing it using squoosh helps.

try it compresses geometry and textures.

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the models are all .gltf and I used gltf-pipeline to compress to .glb and use blender to compress it farther. Then after that, I defined a Draco loader to load the compressed .glb which helps too.