Loading time of my website: it's taking forever😥

Hello this is my website https://65121813d0d01f07326c476e--cv-sarasuadi.netlify.app/ and like you can see the loading time from the preloader to the page is like 30 seconds,if you have an idea how can i solve this loader let me know… I will really appreciate it

The shy.gltf file here is too big (37mb gzipped), and it appears to be downloading twice. Mostly it’s too many vertices, but also some large textures. This would be a good start for reducing it:

npm install --global @gltf-transform/cli

gltf-transform optimize shy.gltf shy-optimized.glb --texture-compress webp --compress draco --simplify-error 0.001

But you may need to adjust the settings to get quality/size you’re happy with. Decimation in Blender is also a good option and gives more control over the look.

Before / After:

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I really appreciate your response. Right now I’m trying the commands you shared with me. I was able to do the global installation but the second command tells me that encode is not a known command. Can you help me with the commands again?

I’m sorry, they were correct like you told me, I was located in the root folder but it was in the models folder that was correct, thank you very much, I will do the deploy again,

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Thank you so much well after the last deploy these are the results https://65123cd25978741b3a5a6b95--cvappyunuen.netlify.app/, You helped me thank you very much, in 30 seconds it seems to be loading now in 4 seconds great progress🌟