Model position different in local and public domain

I have a question.
There is a panel that user can add model and set model and camera position,scale,rotation and all of them will save in a json file as a config.
Then by another URL we read that config file and everything is ok but in local.

When code upload to a public domain ,model position appear different.
Can you help me to solve this problem?

It sounds like you are talking about the threejs editor, which is a separate tool built on top of threejs that lets you quickly prototype simple apps.

It should work the same both locally and remotely… can you paste in some screenshots that show the models looking different?

model apears upper in server

Perhaps the camera is positioned differently?

everything is the same

Hard to say then. We’ll probably need to see some code or screenshots.

By default, the threejs editor doesn’t export the camera, because it’s not a child of the scene…
So if you’re loading the json in another app… you might have different camera viewpoint or parameters that are making the model look different.