Model change its position as camera moves

Hi there :wave:

I am loading a GLTF model and it renders fine. But when change the view of the model or camera rotates, the model placement seems to be moving down or up. Same model is rendering and visualizing perfectly in threejs editor.

I’m not sure what’s causing this and am hoping that someone might be able to help me here.

perhaps if you post the video of your code, too

I found the issue. The issue come when I apply opacity with depthWrite as false.

But not sure, why it was added in first place.

Traverse over all of your geometry children and incrase each child renderOrder by one that will fix the issue, i had same one and it was fixed by that

Example :slight_smile:

let renderOrder = 1

gltfScene.traverse((child) => {
   child.renderOrder = renderOrder;