How to locate the position of the model?

Hello everyone. I have a question to ask everyone:

I added a GLB model, which includes a building. Set camera parameters: camera.position.set(0, 0, 15); The effect of its presentation is as follows:

I think this position and angle are not ideal.
I used the right mouse button to drag it and changed its position. I also used the left mouse button to rotate it by an angle.
It looks very perfect now.

So, during this process, what parameters did three.js change?
I want to show this building in a good position and angle once the GLB is loaded.
Looking forward to your help, thank you!

camera.position and camera.quaternion (or together as camera.matrix) - position of the model is not modified. If you’re using controls, also is modified.


And if using OrbitControls you only need to save:


Since when you restore those 2 values, OrbitControls will re-orient the camera automagically or next time you call controls.update()

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