Metacube, upcoming MMO event game!

:fire: Introducing: Metacube - A Collective Web Gaming Experience! :fire:

Hello Three.js Enthusiasts!

I’m thrilled to present the first official trailer of my forthcoming game - Metacube.

What’s Metacube? :video_game: It’s not just a game, it’s an event! Dive into a big shared universe where thousands of players must come together to dismantle a monumental cube. But tread cautiously! Dangers lurk within, as do secrets waiting to be unveiled.

Journey So Far… :rocket: Initiated two years back, this has been my maiden voyage into the realms of web development, TypeScript, and of course, the incredible world of Three.js/R3F. The learning curve was steep, but the community’s support was unparalleled.

A heartfelt shoutout to all forum members whose guidance was invaluable. Without you, Metacube might have remained just a figment of imagination.

:loudspeaker: Stay Updated! We’re on the cusp of launching the beta version. To catch all the latest buzz and updates, follow us on Twitter.

Thank you for being an inspiring community! :pray:


Here is a small sneak peek of our last alpha test! It was a lot of fun. We will need hundreds of people to test and scale the server for the next alpha next month, I will ping you here when it’s out! or you can follow us on our socials!