MeshStandardMaterial - independent normalMap scale possible?

Is it possible?
Changing map.repeat or map.rotation has an effect on other maps like normalMap. On the other hand, changing normalMap.repeat has no effect at all. My understand was that most maps are mapped by first uv attribute, and that map scale is a Texture parameter…

All expect of light and ambient occlusion maps.

It is but you can only have a single uv-transformation. Hence, if you have a diffuse and normal map and define different uv-transformation for both maps, only the one of the diffuse map is respected. This is a limitation of the library. Some discussion about this topic right here:


Thank you for a quick explanation.

There’s an example here that gives you independent transforms for most maps:

Demo here:

Granted, this will go away eventually when NodeMaterial lands as you can see per comment, but it works for now. The demo was done i think with a pre 100 version.