Offset texture (normal map) of skinnedmesh not having any effect

No matter what I set it to for this animated-gltf file, it resets to (0.1,0.1)

I added needsUpdate, set matrixAutoUpdate to false, and a few other things, but nothing seems to work. Any ideas? Thanks!

mesh.material.normalMap.needsUpdate = true;

Texture UV transforms are shared among textures that use the same UVs. So in this case if you have a .map on the material, then is probably taking precedence here.


Thanks for the response, looks like both and material.normalMap.offset are stuck at 0.01 regardless what I set them to:

      ofsy += 0.01;
      console.log(m.mesh.children[2].children[4]; //always 0.1
      console.log(m.mesh.children[2].children[4].material.normalMap.offset.y); //always 0.1

It might be that a material.needsUpdate = true is also needed, at least the first time? If that’s not working, and all the textures using that UV set have the same transform but it’s still ignored, a JSFiddle or other demo might help.