Mesh with Armature clipped wrong!

Hi my objects goes disappear when camear go close even not very near.

I think I have to do something with orginal mesh that rigged. but I don’t have any idea what should I have to do…

Please help :slight_smile: i’m very confused…

when I move original mesh it clipped…

The issue is not super clear from your example, but my guess is that it has to do with your camera’s near/far setting. Can you check what those are set to?

I make video by three js official editor :slight_smile: and I checked my view also, perspective camera, near : 0.1

How about the camera far?

my own view’s camera far is 1000

Does the issue still occur if you change the near value to something like “-1000”. While your camera’s near typically shouldn’t be in that range, it may give you some insight.

As I know Camera near value can’t be set under 0. When I change near value to -1000 I can;t see anything in my scene just black screen

I solved with this