Mesh Editing (Vertices and Faces)

I’m today very glad :grin: I made main mechanism for editing mesh. Of course many things I have to fix, for example transformControls must be in the centre of triangle, and triangle must change color and else a lot of

Source code you can see here.

If you have any advices about the code I will be glad to see

anybody know any project which using Three.js with function mesh editing? I couldn’t find

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Drag Points




Free Form Deformation (FFD)




Web App:




damn, so many things to test/try/implement :slight_smile: )

@bemjaxIDE what do you mean?

@ben thank you
I felt like I was inventing a bicycle, but still I’m very interested to invent this bicycle :grin:


so many great examples in one thread, yours and the FFDs are awesome.
I dont have time to implement them all and test as tools. :frowning:

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Maybe it will be helpful/useful :slight_smile:
Some experiments with interpolation of vertices.
Trilinear (shaders, buffer geometry): Trilinear interpolation of vertices
Bilinear (shaders, buffer geometry):
Bilinear (js, geometry):


Thank you, any experience will be useful to me. These experiments are great. :+1:


Can you add a way to select 2 vertices & then hit a button to create a new vertex inbetween the other 2?

I have a plan to make this feature, but have no idea how to realise it yet. I’m thinking about it.

Perhaps my approach can serve as a suggestion? It inserts points into lines, moves them or deletes them. This can certainly be modified for the desired result.

Construction of frames with contour/profile

Try it out
see lines 843, 999 …

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thank you!
I try your app and I cannot stop creating line… and if I press “i”, “d” or “m” it continue create line anyway.

inserting point is here?

I thought my short help (? Button) would be sufficient as a help for the user, but I will try it in more detail.

Give me a little time. :hourglass_flowing_sand:

Or is it about the program code itself?

I read inattentively, the key needs to be kept pressed. It turned out to remove and move, but can not insert :thinking:

If you click somewhere, a new point comes up there. It is connected to the previous point. If you move the mouse over a point, the crosshairs become large and red. Now press the i key and click on the point. In the middle to the next point there is a new point. Of course this does not work for the last point.
Have you created several points on top of each other? Or very close together? Then you won’t see the new point, of course. Then pull them apart with the m key or delete them with the d key.

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Great, it works :+1:

I made that TransformControls are in the barycenter of triangle.

But my solution is very resource-intensive. It can be seen when there are a lot of triangles in the object. The reason for this is that I create an auxiliary triangle for each triangle of the object, and when the triangle moves, I delete them all and create them again.

As a solution, I decided to make an auxiliary triangle only for the triangle that I am going to move. Now for this I realized the creation of such a triangle with the movement of the mouse. This will highlight the triangle that you can select

you can try it here