Materials Object not working with latest Firefox 62.0 update?

I simply replaced the default material with a materials object to verify this in the webgl cube example. In chrome and IE it works but it fails in firefox latest update 62.0. Any ideas on why the materials object being passed in does not work in the latest firefox 62.0 update?

I’m unable to reproduce on FF 62 and Ubuntu.

What do you mean with “does not work”? How does the visual output look like on your system with FF? Are you getting any error messages or warnings in the browser console?


There are no errors in the console (win 10, firefox 62).
I also tested it on firefox 61 and everything worked fine.

Um, I think this topic is a duplicate of the following github issue:

The bug is already reported to Mozilla:

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Thanks for the screenshot MateuszWis. That is exactly what I am seeing. I can also verify on my laptop that this does not happen in older FF61. Mugen87 the link you posted is correct and seems this has already been brought up and reported to Mozilla. Thanks for the help.