Material Question

Hey Everyone… I am creating a sphere with a MeshStandardMaterial while having orbit control installed, in the material property I am having a THREE.DoubleSide. So when I zoom inside the sphere I can see the material from the inside, which is what I wanted but, I also wanted to be able to also see the outside of the sphere while still seeing the inside of the sphere material. Is that even possible?
I guess if I am able to control how much opacity the material has from the inside, I will be able to see the outside while also seeing the material inside. I am completely clueless so if anyone has an idea, that would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance

This is only possible with two spheres and two different materials. Have a look at this demo:

When you dolly in, you can see the inside of the outer sphere through a transparent inner sphere.


After @Mugen87’s answer, I started to doubt that I got the question correctly :slight_smile:
Anyway, there’s how I got it:


Thank you guys, it really helped. @Mugen87 I am sorry if the question wasn’t clear enough, thank you so much for your input. @prisoner849 You got it right, and this is exactly what I was looking for so thank you so much.

Really appreciate it guys