Inner side of the material hidden at a certain point of rotation

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to put an image with the text as a map of a MeshBasicMaterial applying it to a Cylinder.
My problem is that when I apply a Y rotation on the mesh, an inner part of the map is hidden.

Some screenshot of the issue:
26 12

for the real online example the link is:

In the demo I just see this:


Have you fixed the issue, or what should we be looking for?

no, i’m sorry,

maybe something went wrong with the save of the codesandbox,
now I hope, you can see it:

I can’t see any preview at that link (error: OrbitControls is not a constructor), but based on your screenshot you probably want to be keeping transparent: false and instead setting alphaTest: 0.5 (or some other value 0-1). See


thank you so much.

replacing transparent: true with alphaTest: 0.5 I solved that issue!