MeshPhysicalMaterial hides other objects. Is that a bug?

I want to do something similar to this threejs example webgl_materials_physical_transparency.

I add some texts in front of the spheres (i.e., the z values of the text geometries greater than the radii of the spheres.) If the texts use a basic material, they will be hidden by the spheres; if MeshPhysicalMaterial, displayed properly.

Why? Is that a bug?

I’m not sure… Would you be able to share a demo?

Here is the demo.

When the depthTest of the MeshPhysicalMaterial of the sphere is set to false, it will hide the text object, which uses the MeshBasicMaterial.

When you disable the depth test, the sphere’s fragments will be in front of the text. This is the expected behavior (and not a bug).