Material ignoring specific light source?

Hello! I’m creating a scene with multiple point lights to light up my scene, with an FBX model loaded in the middle that uses a MeshStandardMaterial.

Right now, the three different lights used to collective light up the scene are all visible in the reflection of the material of my model, I was wondering if there was a way to forcefully ignore certain lights, so that only one highlight/specular can be seen?

These are the speculars that I want to ignore
Screenshot 2022-10-18 150905

Thanks for any help!

Try to use layers
You put your light and your mesh you want be afected by light in the same layer and others mesh in différente layers
After that you must set your caméra to the 2 layers

Hey, thanks for the quick response! Hopefully you can clarify my understanding of your solution.

When you say ‘set your camera to the 2 layers’, do you mean using “camera.layers.enable(1)”, to show both layers? I tried that an unfortunately it seems to render everything together, even after I pulled the mesh and one specific light source out to another layer already.

However, when I use “camera.layers.set(1)”, it seems to work correctly, just that the rest of the scene doesn’t appear anymore (rightly so, since it’s not rendering the other layer). Do I have to duplicate the camera to resolve this issue? Or is there an easier fix for this?

Sorry if this question is amateurish, still fairly new to Three.js, thanks!

Tried before with no luck: Layers and lights

Dang I thought we were on to something. Did you manage to figure out a bypass or anything? What I’m trying to do is exactly as described in your post.