Layers and lights

Hi, community!

Out of curiousity I wanted to create an example of objects, affected by lights.
Here it is:
There are two icosahedrons and two lights in the scene. One icosahedron and one light belong to layer 0, the other icosahedron and light belong to layer 1.


The camera is enabled “to see” both layers with camera.layers.enable(1);

The expected result is to have two icosahedrons, each of them is affected by the light of the same layer.
The actual result is quite confusing: both icosahedrons are affected by both lights.

Looks like I miss something simple and basic or misunderstand the conception of layers.
Any hints, advice or suggestions? :slight_smile:

Light visibility/use is only filtered by the camera layer settings, no comparison is made to the layers of objects in the scene.

Sorry for my bad English, I didn’t get what you mean.
Could you provide a more detailed answer and/or point me to the part of the code where I’m wrong, with some explanations?

The layer setting of a light only determines if it will be in the scene or not. If a light is in a scene it will illuminate all objects in that scene, It doesn’t matter which layer the object or the light is in.

layer testing takes place here:

lights are setup for the whole scene here, just once per render

An object’s layer is only compared with the camera layers as in the code above.


Ah, thanks )
That answer from WestLangley confused me:

I guess he refers to selective lighting which is not yet supported. More information in this thread:

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@aardgoose @Mugen87
Thanks, guys :slight_smile:
Before I’ve started to make that fiddle, I’ve thought that a custom shader is needed for that purpose. That thought was right :slight_smile:

Is this going to be implemented? Looks like it’s from 2014?

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The feature request is assigned to the RXX milestone. That means it is considered as a desirable feature and possibly implemented in upcoming releases.

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yeah this a pretty big one would love to see it too.

Same here, looks pretty handy in cases like rooms to lit with different lights

There’s a PR here:

Unfortunately, as implemented, it seems to negatively effect performance (at least when tested on my phone). If anyone wants to help move this forward they could do some performance testing with that PR. If you can demonstrate that it doesn’t reduce performance at least for people not using selective lighting, that would be a good start.