Three.js light for objects

Good day.

have two objects
and have light.
const hlight = new THREE.AmbientLight (0x404040,100);
const hlight1 = new THREE.AmbientLight (0xE819AC,100);

I want to react to the first object - hlight.
and for second object i want another light reacted.

something like this
mesh2.receiveLight = false;
mesh2.receiveLight.hlight1 = true;
mesh1.receiveLight = false;
mesh1.receiveLight.hlight = true;

How can i do this ?

Selective lighting is not supported in three.js.

The only workaround right now is having two or more scenes and render them independently. However, the render order will be decoupled which can cause issues with transparent objects.

thanks for the answer