Mapping Text onto faces of Cube

I know it’s possible to map images to the 6 different sides of a Cube, but how do you map text (either single characters or full words) to each side of a Cube?

I’m trying to do this using a combination of THREE.TextGeometry and map - but is it even possible to map a TextGeometry? Or do I need a different approach, like making an actual Mesh from each of the text-words, then somehow mapping that mesh onto the Cube’s mesh?

I made a fiddle here - it works with the images, but it looks like the fontLoader - on line 49 - isn’t working:

Have you seen the BeginnerExample BeginnerExample from the Collection of examples from
// … step 11: text

@hofk Thank you for that link - it’s somewhat helpful in that it’s showing you can do this using a THREE.Group() - but how do you know the coordinates and angles of each side of the Cube so you can properly add a text-mesh to each size correctly?
And what happens if you change the size or angle of the Cube?

This is why I asked about using map, because it always automatically adjusts things for you - so for example if you change the Cube’s size, map would still work cause it would know how and where to place all your additional text textures or meshes - know what I mean?

Here’s the new fiddle link:

// … step 11: text contains two different examples.

The image belongs to the canvas text on the box.

I thought it was about the cuboids?

@hofk You’re right, there are 2 examples in Step 11 - but the 2nd. one uses Canvas which gives you totally flat text - and what I’m looking for is nice, 3D text where you can really change the thickness and bevel of the letters - y’know, get all those wonderful qualities that makes us want to use real 3D in the first place - like the image I attached.

Is that possible to do with Canvas?

Unless I’m totally wrong, canvas text is flat.

But there are many ways to create text.
Have you seen this yet? 𝔽 How many ways to load a font in Three.js?

I think I figured it out: I’ll just set the (X, Y, Z) coords of each Text-Mesh so that it lines up with each face of the Cube.
I’m gonna try it out and chime back in…