MadStudio x Three.js - Showcase

Hello friends,

My name’s Mehdi,
I’m the founder of a Design & Development studio based in Paris, France :


I Wanted to showcase our achievement made possible thanks to three.js x vue.js and obviously the last but not least ! Would have loved to be part of that three.js homepage with my buddy Valentin already there

We won a few awards such as website of the day at CSS Design Awards and Awwwards.
And a special award for Mobile Excellence by Google.

The website’s also fully responsive and has been also crafted for touch gestures (on smartphones and tablets)

I really hope you’ll enjoy browsing it as much as we did crafting it! :slight_smile:
Any feedback is greatly appreciated <3



Love the design of both these sites, great job.

I’m a big fan of dark site design. However, I’ve found that dark sites look very different in different lighting environments and this is an issue with both of these sites, but especially Vaalentin’s.

They look great in my office on my laptop, which has normal office brightness. Medium-sized windows and my screen is not facing them.

However, I initially checked these in my kitchen which is much brighter, on my smartphone which I guess has lower brightness than my laptop. Even set to max brightness, the background of Vaalentin’s site is nearly invisible. I can see a couple of grey lines and just about make out clouds, but that’s it unless I hold the screen in front of my eyes. is better, but feels very muted - the images don’t stand out at all and it’s difficult to make out details on them.

Until I opened these sites I had been checking emails and had not even noticed it was especially bright, so it’s not like the sun was beaming directly on my screen.

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looks very pretty! Choice of colors here is a bit strange though

Thanks for the feedback @looeee!
Valentin’s website’s is already on homepage (it’s from 2015 though).
We built the studio’s one recently together :slight_smile:
Indeed the branding behind Mad.Studio is really dark, everything on top of it is white thoug and it checks accessibility issues. Can’t battle the sun :sunny: though haha

Thanks @Usnul Have you clicked the project? It comes from Accor’s brand guidelines :slight_smile:
Once you click/tap it, you have a full view of the project. Should answer that question on the colors there


I mean the white on white choice, you can just barely make out “orLo” from that “AccorLocal” in that screenshot. Maybe add some backdrop to the company name, to make sure that it is readable over the picture underneath it. Anyway, looks really great aside from that, super slick! :+1:


Roger that, indeed the contrast there sucks when images are white. Will fix that I guess :smiley: You’re not the only one reporting that. even though the intention there was more for an aesthetic purpose than “readability”

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Aww… I don’t feel unique anymore :cry: