MacBook CPU going warpspeed while Windows PC does not even notice

I have created this project (this is my first ever project in Three.js) which consists of a sphere and 3 draggable points along the surface sphere. (Source code here)

After 1-2 minutes of this website open on my MacBook Pro 2017 min specs, the fans go warpspeed (6800 rpm) and the laptop starts lagging as hell. I have tried to locate the issue, looked into previous similar posts, and isolated the sphere from everything else. Here are 78 lines of code that still drive my laptop crazy, yet not as quickly as the whole website.

I get 11 draw calls, and around 40k points per frame, what might be the problem?

PS: i have looked at Mugen87’s response about animating but I do have constant animation with stars. Also, for some reason, my laptop is fine when I run the official three js examles with really similar code