Looking for Three.js Developer Located in Southern California

We are changing the landscape of the pet health through proprietary software that discovers, develops and delivers new companion animal pharmaceuticals, while also changing the way that we interact and care for our pets on a daily basis.

We are looking for a highly-skilled, versatile 3D WebGL Developer to help with the creation of big, impactful, immersive storytelling experiences through web technologies. The ideal candidate is someone who is passionate about creating beautiful and sophisticated websites and mobile apps and is an expert in creating immersive 2D/3D experiences. Our goal is to change the way people interact with and understand pet health. If you want to be a part of changing animal health, we would love to meet you.

More details to be shared in PM.

Hi, I’m curious since it’s location based, do you foresee people sharing an office in 2020? As in, this is an on site role?

This role will eventually be a partially on-site role however due to the covid-19 pandemic there is no definitive timeline for when that transition would take place.


While we are looking for longer term help that can fully join our team we are also open to a shorter term project basis to jump start work on our existing projects, this shorter term project is not location based.

Hi Cody,

PM sent. Thanks!

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