threeJS developer for app promotion site - 3D scanning

We are looking for an experienced threeJS developer to create a landing page for our new iOS 3D Capture app.

In addition to a modern interactive design we need someone that can think outside the box and come up with creative ways of user engagement and interactivity.

We will provide you with a number of existing 3D scans we have done with the app that you can use as elements. We also have an existing design language for an app we are currently developing which I will share on Figma.

Ideally you have experience with:
HTML5/CSS (Basic web design)
threeJS (please list at least 3 commercial projects you have done)
3D Rendering (PBR)
Optimizing Photogrammetry Assets for the web (draco, meshopt, basis, ktx etc)


Hint: When applying for a job with “hello, how are you … get in touch with me” - it’s not a great start :smiley:

@oleksandr o
you did that or was it Dog Studio as you can see. why would you claim someone else’s work as yours. disgraceful.

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