Looking for someone to build this for us 🙂

We are a real estate transaction advisory boutique based in Berlin and just launched our website (satori-group.de). We created it ourselves in a very simple website tool “MyWebsite Now” from 1&1 IONOS.

Recently we came across this website: eqtventures.com. As you can see, it features their signature “Q”, which is rendered as kind of a shiny dust, which can be moved with the mouse.

After some research we found the “Point Cloud Sandbox”(pcsb.quentinlengele.com), which is a "Native WebGL FBO Particle System. The “Q” of the EQT Ventures Website might be rendered similarly but only in 2D.

Right now we are looking for a ThreeJS Developer who could help us implement the same thing with our own logo on our website. If we have to switch our website service to WordPress or similar we will do that.
Interested? If so, please drop me a line at flik@satori-group.de with an estimate of your hours and price per hour.


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I think this demo will help you get started: GitHub - brunoimbrizi/interactive-particles

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This might also be of interest.

2021 eXtended eXamples


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